A range of facilities compliment your accommodation…

To ensure a quality service, The Willows Care Home, has invested heavily in modernising the facilities on-site to deliver a reliable service.

To maintain high levels of hygiene and personal care, state of the art laundry facilities exist in two separate locations providing redundancy to ensure a non-stop supply of clean clothes and fresh linen on a daily basis.

A dedicated housekeeping service ensures your home is always clean. We are routinely complimented on the cleanliness and fragrant aroma inside the home, this despite the fact many care homes often struggle to maintain these standards.

Leading the way in providing a quality experience, The Willows Care Home ensures residents enjoy a room service which offers them hot drinks and snacks throughout the day.

Spontaneous outdoor lunches, including the Chef’s special BBQ, and tea parties, allow our residents to free themselves from mundane routines and engage themselves in experiencing a variety of activities.

Regular opportunities to enjoy a walk outdoors, even to our local park, means quality time spent on a one to one basis with carers.

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