A varied & attractive menu…

For many, meal times are the most important part of the day and to ensure there is always something to look forward to, we enjoy high quality cooking served with high quality food.

A varied and attractive menu is offered with breakfast in bed facilities, lunch, dinner and tea in our well appointed dining room and lounge.

We regularly obtain feedback from our residents in regards to food and ensure their taste buds are satisfied. For example, our residents particularly enjoy their toasts and sandwiches, for which we specifically provide Kingsmill branded produce, assuring you of the best.

Fresh food, including bakery, is prepared daily by our resident chef who enjoys regular compliments from diners. In addition, our senior cook who works with a passion to provide great tasting food ensures that high standards are maintained.

Our chefs ensure a healthy variety of food and seasonality is reflected in our varied menus.┬áNot only do our chefs focus on providing nutritious, balanced diets, but they also pay particular attention to specialist needs – whether health related (such as diabetes) or religious.